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Government or Business: Where do Students Want to Work?

by Zeger van der Wal on May 14th, 2013

Public Personnel Management just published an article written by me and my former graduate student Anne Oosterbaan on career determinants of MBA and MPA students in the Netherlands. For this study, we surveyed 131 students right before they graduated. Strikingly, students’ values, motivations, sector perceptions, and provisional employer preference were very skewed towards government and business in both groups respectively. A subsequent question is what happens when both group enter the actual job market and how work experience changes their initial attitudes and preferences.

You can download the full article free of charge here!

I have just obtained a Tier-1 Ministry of Education Start-up Grant to conduct a longitudinal study on how self-selection relates to socialization in explaining differences between public and private sector employees. This 3-year project has just started.

You can download the grant proposal here!

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