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My research focuses on the following topics:


Motivations and Values and Sector Preferences of (Future) Public and Private Managers (click here to view Tier-1 funded research proposal ‘ Self-selection vs. Socialization’)
Elite Ethics (click here to view award winning research proposal ‘Elite Ethics’)
Public Values (conceptual, empirical, comparative)
Good Governance
Administrative Ethics vs. Business Ethics
Sector Switchers
Public Management and Professionalism
Public Service Motivation
Dynamics in Political-Administrative Relations


Together with Gene Brewer (University of Georgia), Adrain Ritz (University of Bern), and Wouter Vandenabeele (Utrecht University), I chair the IRSPM Panel ‘Public Service Motivation, Public Values, and Red Tape’. The panel is meeting this year at the IRSPM XVII Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, from 10-12 April 2013.

Currently I am also supervising PhD candidate Lijing Yang, MSc. who is conducting a cross-country comparison on values and administrative culture between the Netherlands and China (2009-2013). Lijing is stationed at the UvA Graduate School of Social Science; her other promotor is prof. Mark Rutgers.

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