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New book out with Routledge!

Routledge just published Ethics in Public Policy and Management. A Global Research Companion, edited by Alan Lawton, myself, and Leo Huberts.

This state of the art volum contains 18 chapters from all over the globe, covering a wide variety of issues in public sector ethics scholarship.

You can order the book here.

Cover Routledge

My colleagues awarded me the Annual Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2013

Last month, our school’s Teaching Excellence Committee awarded me the Teaching Award for calender year 2013, a great honor and stimulance to keep investing in better teaching performance. This summer, I will prepare my portfolio for the NUS-level Annual Teaching Excellence Award or ATEA.

NUS awarded me the prestigious HSS Faculty Research Fellowship!

Great news!

The office of the Deputy-President of NUS just informed me I have been awarded the HSS Faculty Research Fellowship. This highly competitive research fellowship allows me to spend a full semester on research in 2014 without any teaching or administrative responsibilites. Given multiple project deadlines at the end of 2014 this fellowship is fantastic news!

New book out with Lambert Publishing: Organizational Ethics Across Sectors

For information about the book and how to order it, please click here.


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Government or Business: Where do Students Want to Work?

Public Personnel Management just published an article written by me and my former graduate student Anne Oosterbaan on career determinants of MBA and MPA students in the Netherlands. For this study, we surveyed 131 students right before they graduated. Strikingly, students’ values, motivations, sector perceptions, and provisional employer preference were very skewed towards government and business in both groups respectively. A subsequent question is what happens when both group enter the actual job market and how work experience changes their initial attitudes and preferences.

You can download the full article free of charge here!

I have just obtained a Tier-1 Ministry of Education Start-up Grant to conduct a longitudinal study on how self-selection relates to socialization in explaining differences between public and private sector employees. This 3-year project has just started.

You can download the grant proposal here!

Mandarins vs. Machiavellians?

Public Administration Review accepted my manuscript on a comparison between the work motivations of  administrative  and political elites in the EU, the Netherlands, and the US. This article is the second deliverable of my project Elite Ethics, a large-scale cross-country study into values and motivations of senior politicians and public managers. The data on which this article reports is generated through a series of 94 in-depth interviews that were conducted between May 2010 and August 2011.

Please download the full article here!

The Definitive Review of Public Values Scholarship!

The American Review of Public Administration just published a manuscript by me, dr Gjalt de Graaf (VU university Amsterdam), and dr Tina Nabatchi (Syracuse University), titled: From Galaxy to Universe: A Cross-disciplinary Review and Analysis of Public Values Publications from 1969-2012. The publication is the first deliverable of an ongoing research project on the genesis and usage of the concept Public Values. We established a database with 397 publications on Public Values across 18 academic disciplines. Currently, we are conducting additional bibliographical analyses, assisted by a SRSS grant from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. I will keep you updated on the project’s progress.

You can download the article here!

Forthcoming publication on comparison public service values between China and The Netherlands!

ASPA affiliated journal Public Integrity has accepted a manuscript by me and PhD candidate Lijing Yang (University of Amsterdam) in which we compare the civil service ethos of local and regional administrators in China and The Netherlands. One interesting finding is that value preferences in both countries are less representative of their respective administrative traditions (‘Rule of Morality’ vs. ‘Rule of Law’) than we expected.  You can download the article here: Rule of Morality vs. Rule of Law? An Exploratory Survey Study of Civil Servant Values in China and the Netherlands.

Courses I will teach this year

In my first year at LKYSPP, I will teach modules in our Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs.

Semester 1:

In the first semester I will teach the MPP Core Module ‘ Public Management and Leadership’ (PP5137) for MPP seniors.

In addition, I will be the lead-faculty in three lectures of the MPP Core Module ‘ Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis’ (PP5111) for MPP juniors, chaired by prof. M. Ramesh.

Semester 2:

In the second semester I will teach the MPA Core Module ‘ Managing the Public Sector’ (PP5503).

For more information about the programs at LKYSPP, please refer to:

To see my new faculty profile, please refer to:

Interview in Intermediair

Leuk stukje in Intermediair over mijn onderzoeksproject ‘Elite Ethiek’ en het onderzoeksevenement op 9 mei jongstleden.