Prof. dr. Zeger Van der Wal regularly comments on actual events in various news media. He has appeared in TV and radio shows, and contributed to The Straits Times, Japan Today, CNBC, AsiaOne, The Mark News, Challenge Magazine, Non Profit World, De Volkskrant, Het Parool, Met het Oog op Morgen, VNG Magazine, Binnenlands Bestuur, PubliekDenken and Het Financieele Dagblad. He can be contacted for media appearances about the following topics:
  1. Ethics and corruption
  2. Governance issues in the Asia Pacific
  3. Governance issues in the European Union (EU)
  4. Administrative reforms
  5. Public-private partnerships
  6. Social Media and Public Policy
Below you can directly access some of his recent contributions:
Governments across Asia have to address massive challenges — climate change, rapidly aging populations, urbanization and immigration — that often outpace their financial and human capabilities…
The recent election of Mr Donald Trump has created panic within the career bureaucracy in Washington, DC. A recent survey of federal workers reported in the Washington Post found that only 65 per cent would commit to serving under a Trump administration…
As public officers, you are faced with moral issues regularly. Some are easily addressed by applying appropriate regulations and sound judgement… gebruikt cookies en vergelijkbare technologieën (“cookies”) onder andere om u een optimale gebruikerservaring te bieden….