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New Job in Singapore at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy!

As of August 2012, I will start as Associate Professor at the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore! I am very much looking forward to this amazing professional challenge. At LKY, I will be responsible for supervising and restructuring the senior executive program MPP (Master of Public Policy) and I will teach (among other courses) the introductory core module ‘Public Management’. I will continue to study public and private sector elites’ values and motivations, but I aim to ‘asianize’ my research agenda by comparing the ‘new world’ and the Western hemisphere.

New at the VU University Amsterdam: Postgraduate courses Professional Governance!

Starting in September, the Department of Governance Studies at the VU University Amsterdam offers a series of new postgraduate courses!

The education program Professional Governance aims to attract mid-career professionals and managers of public and non-profit organizations that seek high-level reflection and interaction with peers, and want to know all about the latest developments in governance and public management research.

We are happy to invite you to have a look at our brochure and our updated website:

Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at if you have any further questions!

Proposal for summercourse at Renmin University (Beijng) approved!

In July 2012 I will give a summer course on ‘Public Management Innovation: An International Comparison’ at Renmin University (‘Beida’). I am very excited that the course I designed was approved and that a large number of students applied for it. Click here for the provisional course guide.

Over 80 paper proposals submitted to tracks at IRSPM 2012 conference

In total, over 80 panel proposals have been submitted for both IRSPM panels I am involved with as a co-chair! Together with my co-chairs I will select the best proposals for participation in the conference sessions. Already, IRSPM 2012 in Rome promises to be a high-quality and much anticipated event!

Support grant VIDI proposal

This June the FSW faculty board decided to award me a support grant to write a VIDI proposal (deadline October 4th, 2011). I am very grateful for this opportunity and will be working hard on the proposal in the coming months.

Two panel proposals accepted for IRSPM XVI in Rome (11-13 April 2012)

Just heard back from the IRSPM board that two panel proposals I am involved in as a co-chair both got accepted! Great news, as only 47 out of 78 proposals were granted acceptance.

The panels will be about ‘Good Governance: Managing Conflicting Public Values’ (co-chairs: prof. Frank Anechiarico, Hamilton College, USA, dr. Gjalt de Graaf, VU University, the Netherlands, and dr. Tina Nabatchi, Syracuse University, USA) and ‘Public Service Motivation and Public Values’ (co-chairs: prof. Gene Brewer, University of Georgia, USA, dr. Adrian Ritz, University of Bern, Switzerland, and dr. Wouter Vandenabeele, Utrecht University, the Netherlands).

Starting in July, we will invite a number of scholars to submit a paper proposal. The deadline for submitting proposals is October 1st, 2012.

Stay at the Maxwell School as a Visiting Research Scholar has been productive

My appointment as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (Syracuse University) that is about to end next weekend has been productive and enjoyable. I had the chance to interact with the wonderful faculty over here at the Maxwell school, work on my VIDI proposal, and extend my collaboration with my colleagues here, and dr. Tina Nabatchi in particular. We worked on a number of research and exchange ideas, predominantly in the field of public values research. I hope I will be invited back again next year!

PMRC 2011 was a succes!

Together with my colleagues Torben Beck Jorgensen, Gjalt de Graaf, Leonie Heres, and Tina Nabatchi, I participated in panel 47 ‘Researching Public Values: Dynamics and Directions’. We had a productive session with a large audience containing a great mix of international scholars, and hope to continue our collaboration on public values research within this great network. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the organizing committee for making this one of the best conferences I ever visited.

New book out: Integriteit van het Lokaal Bestuur

A new book on local integrity policies in the Netherlands was recently published by Boom|Lemma.

The book, that was co-authored by myself and a number of colleagues from the research group Integrity of Governance, reports on a survey study among raadsgriffiers and municipal secretaries of Dutch municipalities, with a response rate of nearly 60%.

It provides a recent overview of the integrity policies in place, their visibility and effectiveness, as well as an account of integrity problems during the last two years.

The book is highly relevant for practitioners as well as academics and students that are interested in local government, ethics and integrity.


For more information about the study and policy implications, please refer to:


To order the book, please visit:


To download the full report, please visit:

Zeger in action at the quarterly ‘politiek cafe’ in the municipality of Waterland

On wednesday May 11, Zeger joined a lively discussion on local integrity at the notorious ‘politiek cafe’ in cafe 1614, Gemeente Waterland. In between local politicians, civil servants, voters and citizens he served as an independent academic judge with regard to hypothetical as well as real-life ethical dilemmas that were discussed throughout the evening. A great way to get out of the ivory tower, and a very literal example of valorisation!

For more info, see:


Mooij: ‘Schrőder is integer’
burgemeester maakt opwachting in respectvol Politiek Café

MONNICKENDAM – VVD-fractievoorzitter Rob Schrőder heeft integer gehandeld in de aanloop naar de affaire die tot de val van burgemeester Jongmans heeft geleid. Dart concludeert plaatsvervangend burgemeester Cornelus Mooij. Volgens Schőder zelf was het onderzoek naar zijn handelen ‘een persoonlijke vete van CDA-burgemeester Jongmans’. Hij heeft geen bezwaar tegen een zwaarder onderzoek naar zijn rol.

Beide heren deden hun uitspraken tijdens een druk bezochte derde editie van Politiek Café 1614 afgelopen woensdag. Liefst 80 inwoners en politici waren afgekomen op een avond over het licht ontvlambare onderwerp ‘integriteit in de Waterlandse politiek’.

“De avond was een toonbeeld van plezierige omgangsvormen met veel humor over een zeer gevoelig en ingewikkeld onderwerp”, zo formuleerde professor van de VU Zeger van der Wal.
Van der Wal, onderzoeker naar integriteit in openbaar bestuur, schetste de zaal niet alleen wat integriteit is, maar hij fungeerde ook als scheidrechter bij diverse casussen die de zaal werden voorgelegd. De aanwezigen konden op die manier aan den lijve ondervinden hoe moeilijk het is om ‘de streep’ te trekken tussen integer en niet integer. “Integriteit is een vloeibaar begrip, bestaande uit regels en onderbuikgevoel”, zo vatte een toehoorder samen.  
Tijdens de avond viel nagenoeg geen onvertogen woord en zowel links als rechts, oppositie en coalitie applaudisseerden luid voor de  bereidheid van zowel Mooij als Schőder om zich publiekelijk, maar buiten het gemeentehuis aan de tand te laten voelen over de affaire die Schőder beschadigde en Jongmans zijn baan kostte.